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Webinar: Expanding Healthcare Access to Under-Resourced Regions of the World

World Telehealth Initiative (WTI) has an unprecedented capability to provide sustained healthcare to the world's most vulnerable communities. Without the barriers of time and travel, dedicated physicians can be empowered to treat patients and consult with local doctors through telehealth devices.

Join Sharon Allen, Executive Director, WTI, as she explains the mission and goal of WTI and how telehealth can enable improved treatment and healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Webinar learning objectives:

  • Analyze the current state of healthcare in under-resourced areas
  • Examine telemedicine as a solution for access to care
  • Evaluate strategies for use, benefits, and obstacles for remote care
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Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020

Time: 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT


Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen

Executive Director,
World Telehealth Initiative