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Webinar: InTouch Health’s New Consumer Solution

InTouch Health recently announced its agreement to acquire TruClinic, a leading virtual clinic software provider. Join Steve Cashman, InTouch Health’s new Executive Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Solutions, as he shares why InTouch Health is expanding its portfolio with a Consumer solution, what to expect going forward, and a demo of the new direct-to-consumer telehealth solution. There will also be time for Q&A. Register now to learn more about this exciting news!

About the Speaker

Steve Cashman is the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Solutions at InTouch Health. In 1998, Steve co-founded an IT services integration company, SecuriCom Inc. He was Chief Strategy Officer for Exceptional Innovation, where he led the adoption of the company's cutting-edge software platform into the healthcare, hospitality, and energy management marketplaces. He was recently CEO and Founder of the telemedicine company HealthSpot. In 2013, HealthSpot was voted the Consumer Electronics Association small business of the year. HealthSpot was acquired by Rite Aid. Steve Cashman studied Electrical Engineering and Business Administration at Kansas State University.

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Steve Cashman
Steve Cashman

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Solutions