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Webinar: Developing on-site employer clinics for your health system and in your community

With the rising cost of healthcare, more and more employers are electing to self-insure, bringing a renewed focus on prevention and more cost-effective care models.

On-site employer clinics have emerged as an important tool to accomplish these objectives.  Offering employees healthcare directly at the workplace improves access and frequency to clinical care at a lower cost, and without loss of employee productivity.

Telehealth can play an important role in on-site employer clinics, allowing more cost-effective operations and improved access to the right clinicians.

Join Richard Bernstein, MD and Jane Cullen, MD, of Northwestern University and Toby Hamilton, MD, and Adrian Trömel of Hamilton Health Hub as they share their experiences implementing telehealth powered on-site employer clinics with impressive results.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced healthcare costs for employers
  • A focus on prevention and employee wellness
  • Increased convenience for patients
  • Improved satisfaction and outcomes for patients
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Dr. Cullen
Jane Cullen, MD

Medical Director,
Corporate Health Services,
Northwestern University

Dr. Bernstein
Richard Bernstein, MD

Medical Director, Telehealth,
Professor of Neurology,
Northwestern University

Dr. Hamilton
Toby R. Hamilton, MD

CEO and Founder,
Hamilton Health Hub

Dr. Tromel
Adrian Trömel

VP of Strategy,
Hamilton Health Hub