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Case Study: The Benefits of Virtual Neonatology

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon's TeleNICU Program

The Challenge:

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon consistently receives newborn transfers for conditions which could be treated at the local facility if there was access to specialist expertise. Access to neonatologists virtually would eliminate the additional healthcare costs of unnecessary transport, reduce the stress between mother and baby, and provide additional intervention in life-saving situations.

In order to help triage appropriate neonatal transfers, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon looked at telehealth solutions.

The Solution:

A TeleNICU program would allow remote intervention assistance to on-site providers to stabilize the patient while waiting for the transport team to arrive or assist in determining whether a transport could be prevented. Previously, staff at smaller facilities sometimes had to wait for the transport team to arrive in order to further stabilize the patient.

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon's TeleNICU program requirements had to meet the high standards set by both the remote and on-site clinical providers.

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