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Case Study: The Benefits of Telespecialty Clinics

The Challenge:

In 2015, the DHTN identified telehealth program opportunities within their clinic system and redesigned five existing specialty service lines to provide remote access to medical specialties not available in rural areas.

The DHTN's primary objectives in setting up a Telespecialty Clinic Program included:

  • Increase access to specialty providers
  • Decrease the long travel times for both patients and clinicians
  • Decrease hospitalization rates, keeping patients in their community and out of high cost locations
  • Decrease no-show rates for efficient care and time management

The Solution:

The DHTN found that the benefits of Telespecialty clinics satisfied their main objectives: decreased no-shows, increased patient satisfaction, lessened patient travel time, and kept patients in their community. Dignity Health also saw high utilization for their Telespecialty program.

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