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Case Study: The Benefits of TeleICU at Swedish Edmonds

The Challenge:

Swedish Edmonds, a 217-bed suburban hospital with a 13-bed intensive care unit (ICU), identified an opportunity to increase support for their ICU overnight. Previously, Swedish Edmonds utilized a nocturnal support model consisting of phone-only remote intensivist consultations with the bedside team. This model was generating frustration on both sides, as remote clinicians felt uncomfortable advising on patients they could not see, and bedside teams did not feel fully supported.

The Solution:

Recognizing the value TeleICU can provide in terms of improving specialist access, staff satisfaction, and quality of care, Swedish Edmonds elected to implement and assess the impact of more robust remote support via TeleICU at night.

Using a proactive monitoring care model, critical care physicians were able to beam into patients' ICU rooms throughout the night to actively look for potential complications, round with the bedside staff, and address issues needing immediate attention to prevent escalation.

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