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Case Study: Benefits of a Multi-Specialty Telehealth Program

Building a Highly Effective Telehealth Program in a Multi-Specialty Medical Group

The Challenge:

Patient access to specialty care is a challenge. Providers do not want to unnecessarily send their patients to specialty doctors but also do not want to potentially miss a critical issue.

Central to Sharp Healthcare's mission is enabling easy, reliable access to healthcare. This mission rings true for both patients and providers. Patients want access to clinical services online to meet them where they are, while providers need improved peer-to-peer communication to assist in appropriate referrals and provide specialist expertise.

The Solution:

To address these demands, Sharp Healthcare began assessing telehealth solutions. Telehealth would improve peer-to-peer communication and more efficiently direct patients to the appropriate provider. On top of the benefits for patients and clinicians, Sharp Healthcare looked to telehealth to enhance their patient catchment, patient retention, efficiency, and effectiveness in a highly capitated, advanced managed care market.

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