Telehealth Education Webinar Series

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Telemedicine Innovations, New Era of Healthcare

Dr. Robert Rosenwasser will discuss the role that Telehealth plays in delivering high quality, consistent patient care as well as the factors that contributed to the success of this program. The webinar will focus on:
  • Telemedicine Strategy
  • Workflow
  • Impact on Care
  • Success Factors
About the Speaker
Dr. Robert H. Rosenwasser
Chairman of Neurosurgical Department and Chairman of Jefferson Neuroscience Network

Dr. Robert Rosenwasser is the Jewell L. Osterholm MD Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery and Professor of Radiology at Jefferson Medical College and Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals. Dr. Rosenwasser is world renowned for his surgical expertise in both preventing and treating life threatening brain aneurysms. In addition, he has extensive experience in the treatment of acoustic neuromas and postsurgical facial nerve paralysis. He is a member of multiple neurosurgery organizations and is the author or co-author of numerous textbooks and over 200 publications or abstracts and has lectured widely both nationally and internationally.